Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tidbits of Thoughts

A lot of things have started to look up since my last post. It started with the release of Ed Sheeran's new album which alone made me happier than a 12 year old creating her very first instagram account. Also, at the moment I'm about 11,000 words into my never ending project of writing my first book. I now I follow a lot of other aspiring novelists so I have no clue if this is even considered a general accomplishment, but I've never made it this far into a storyline without the plot going dead.

I'm trying to take a lesson from the last time I left town without a word, so I should probably add that I'll be leaving for the beach at the end of this week. I'm trying to set up that fancy process that allows me to pre-write posts and schedule their publish time, but the last time I did that things did not exactly work out.

Also, on a far less happier end of the spectrum I caught an article on Facebook (which is regrettably about the only news source I have besides following CNN on Twitter which is extremely sad) about a little girl who had recently died. She had Down Syndrome and was in need of a heart transplant, but was never even put on the list because of her genetic make-up. I wrote a post about a very similar situation back in November (which you can read here) about a little boy who was disabled and also denied a heart transplant.

I would link an article about the little girl here, but the one I read on Facebook was a little too off topic and put the blame on people whom were almost irrelevant to the situation. (She blamed the liberals and the Nazis. ?) I've tried looking for a news article of any kind, but can't seem to find one in the vasts depths of Google. It's quite upsetting that organs are so scarce that we have to put in place such inhumane practices, but even more upsetting that these inhumane practices exist. How in the world can someone possibly put a worth on some one's life?

But I won't be ending things here on such a low note, no worries.

I recently got a way to watch Netflix on my TV as before I was stuck with watching it on my phone or computer which is not as nearly satisfying (first world problems?). With that, I've been immersed in watching a million new TV shows. I finished the two seasons of American Horror Story that was available and now I just need to find a way to capture the third season. It's horrifyingly great and terrifying all at once and I'd highly recommend it. I'm working on Orange is the New Black which oddly makes prison look extremely fun. Or at least extremely funny.

Also I've got a good post in the making that's not a life update or I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while update. Hopefully I'll get it up by tomorrow so stay tuned.

Have a fabulous days.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for your comments on my last post. Your thoughts and condolences mean a lot more to me than you probably know.


  1. Well done on your 11,000 words! Every book begins with just one word, after all. Personally, I was on 18,000 words when I decided to recreate the novel as three short stories instead. What genre do you write?

    1. Thank you! I have somewhat of a saga that comes along when people ask what genre I write (so excuse me if this is long haha).

      When I first started I was really in to historical fiction, but with that comes a lot of research that involves a lot of time that I wish I had. I got to the point where I just wanted to write and not worry about historical inaccuracies. Then I moved to fantasy which ended in a lot of unfinished novels. I like the idea of creating another world, but I don't like to plan my stories out which was ultimately my fault as I never really knew what I wanted or where I wanted to go. Right now though I've been doing a lot of realistic fiction. I hope one day I'll venture back to different genres when I have a lot more time, ability, and resources on hand, but I really enjoy that I can kind of "just write" and not have to plan a lot of things with realistic fiction.

    2. You're welcome! Our writing styles sound very similar.. I write everything except Romance or Westerns, and even though I feel lazy setting things in the modern world, it comes much more naturally to me. I also don't plan, which is a major pitfall I need to work on..

    3. I totally agree haha! My lack of planning is definitely my biggest fault and something I need to work on. Also romance novels make me gag (is there anything else to write about besides love triangles or dying boyfriend/girlfriends?) and if I ever write one I'll give you permission to lock me away. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Fault in Our Stars and other romance novels as long as they function well even with the romance plotline. But other romance genre books just make me itch with feminism and WTF HE'S JUST YOUR BOYFRIEND type feelings.

  2. I LOVE YOU. I seriously agree with every single one of your posts and your writing always captivates me. Please, do finish your book. Please, do publish. Please, send me a signed copy and I'll be your number one fan. Stay amazing, okay?

    1. Hahaha, I promise to send signed copies to all twenty followers of my blog which often helps me write this book in a roundabout way. Thank you so much for your comment and I make no promises, but I'll indeed try to stay amazing. Thanks again!