Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"I Will Sell Women"

Many of you have probably heard about the mass killing and kidnapping of villagers and young girls in Nigeria by a terrorist group against western education. You can read an article about it here.

Today in my third period class we began discussing the tragedy, linking it to our reading of foreign policy as the United States just sent help to the Nigerian government not too long ago. A young boy asked what they planned to do with the teenage girls they kidnapped and my teacher told him that they intended on selling them into slavery. The kid's face turned confused.

"They still have slavery?"

*rolls eyes*

Yes, there's still slavery. Sex slaves. Working slaves. Slaves of both men and women. Slaves of kids and adults.

It still exists.

The ignorance and disbelief of the public that we still have things like slavery happening in our society is one of the biggest contributing factors as to why it still exists. We don't try to get rid of things we don't know are happening. We think we live in a society that is far too advanced to go back to something we thought was abolished in the 1800s.

The biggest hurdle to ending social injustice is getting people to become aware of the injustice.

If you want to read more on modern day slavery you can take a blast from the past and revisit a blog post I did a few months ago here.

Let's all band together to bring back our girls.

Have a fabulous day.


  1. I'm sorry, but I despise Malala :) She's just a set up

    1. I have to embarrassingly admit I haven't done much research on Malala although I've had her autobiography (or did some one write this for her, I'm not sure?) on my reading list for some time. Once again I embarrassingly admit I was in a hurry to find a picture to go along with this post and she was the first person I found posing with the famous (or infamous to some) sign.

      Your comment definitely makes me feel as if I should look more into Malala. I know the basis of her story, but I don't have an indepth understanding.

      Thanks for your insight as always. :D