Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Post is Literally About Nothing

I cut out blogging/reading blogs last Sunday for the sake of my AP Government and Politics grade. The class involves a lot of reading and note taking and court cases and government, but luckily now that the week has ended I can return to reading posts and writing and such. Unluckily, I found that refraining from Blogger and other internet sites resulted in quicker homework completion, but I might just have to over look that.

Because of my radical idea, I've been reading blog posts that are the equivalent of five day old milk aka posts that were published last Monday (although the metaphor doesn't reflect the quality of the posts, only the timing in which I read them). I'm still trying to comb through all the posts I've missed, but decided to take a break so I could write everything down.

As I mentioned ages ago, we got snow like every state in the US (except for maybe those darn Floridians with their oranges and sandal weather). There's this big "Polar Vortex" that's sweeping our nation in multiple waves, multiple times. Like most southern states, poor little North Carolina can't handle a lot of snow which meant a half inch of flakes translated to an early release, two days off of school, and a three hour delay. And lots of pictures of course.

Same picture except this one doesn't lack color. I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I included both. A rational decision if you ask me.
In other exciting news, we're expecting even more snow later this week which is making me doubt the 'mild winters' description that tags my area of North Carolina. But it's quite obvious you all don't care about the weather of my region, let's be real here.

It comes with a heavy heart that I really have nothing exciting or meaningful or really cool for you to read about. Which kinda sucks for you all considering I've been gone for seven whole days and have nothing even remotely awesome that would somehow make you forgive me. Sorry dudes. Just pictures.

Although, thanks to Rebecca from Rebecca Maria Photography, I was nominated for the Liebster award which makes me think I might be doing something right. But I'm not going to even tackle that post until tomorrow/Tuesday-ish. I pinky promise I'll try to make it interesting and not super boring and basic and actually be worthy of your precious time to read.

Maybe. Or maybe I should stop making promises.

So go forth and live life and try to make blog posts that are a lot better than this.

Have a fabulous day.

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