Monday, February 24, 2014

It's already Monday? Whaaat?

Holy goodness where did time even go? I think this is the first time in a week I've had time to just breath. Breath in. Breath out. Although I had to power through an interest group project, schoolwork had luckily vanished during the weekend which should have translated to blog posts and a mass creation of creative thinking, but alas no such thing happened. (Not sure if this is a common thing outside of America, but interest groups are essentially groups that represent a certain idea or group of people such as civil rights, retired persons, pro-choice/pro-life, etc. that lobby politicians and support legislation that would help the people they represent or support the ideas they have.)

Although we had a pretty cold beginning of the week last week, the weather is currently warm and cozy. I'm in the middle of my ENO with a newly purchased album playing in the background, but we all know you didn't come here to read about the weather. 

I had a pretty shitty week within my life last week, but it's boring personal issues that may or may not translate into a blog post. I've been trying to write more than life updates, but that's about all that seems to be happening around here: life. 

But the weekend is over and I've got to get back to slaving to homework and soccer but hopefully we'll meet again some time midweek. 

Have a fabulous day.