Sunday, March 31, 2013

Prayers for a Family

This past week, a young girl whom I've had the pleasure of getting to know quite recently, lost her little brother. This girl came from a broken home, a hard past, and what I can see as an unclear future. Her little brother was only five.


Five years old. Five Christmases. Five birthdays, all that can be counted on one hand.

My heart aches for the family of the little boy who's getting to celebrate his fifth Easter in heaven (a bittersweet occasion). My heart shatters for the six siblings he left behind, the parents and parental figures who are feeling a piece missing as they go on without him, for anyone who knew this dear boy.

A premature death is always hard. It hurts those who hear the tragic news along with those who are pushing to go on while missing a young soul.

Please keep this lovely family in your prayers.

*insert totally unrelated pictures*

Have a fabulous Easter.

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