Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm Back

I have begun the long and arduous journey of catching up on two weeks of blog posts and blogging, but I have never felt better. Don't get me wrong, I have missed every single one of you, but I had a huge test Friday and three HUGE (emphasis on huge) college applications due Thursday. Everything was turned in on time and the could have gone better (but hey, I feel pretty confident I didn't fail).

Taking a break from blogging was just what I needed to get all my school work and college work turned in on time and in a somewhat neat and orderly fashioned. As I grow older I have begun to learn the importance of taking a break from commitments in order to accomplish other tasks (hence my two week break from blogging to get caught up on life). It is a useful idea that has taken  me a long time to ever admit to thinking about yet alone actually doing.

You see, I over commit to things. Like a lot. You need me to proofread all five of your college application essays despite having my own? Sure. You need me to babysit for five hours on my normally free Thursday nights? Of course I will. You want me to run to the grocery store for you to pick up a weeks worth of items even though I have a paper due tomorrow? I'd be glad to.

I am just TOO NICE. I will do anything you ask me to because I hate letting people down. Which is somewhat ironic because I usually over commit to too many things, and I am not able to do them all and therefore I let people down. It's something I didn't really learn to handle until honestly this year (although better late than never am I right?).

So with that being said, take a break. Don't be afraid to say no. Play the ukulele. Take a hike. Read a book. But most of all, have a fabulous day.

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