Thursday, August 20, 2015

Josh Duggar. Again.

I had my intentions set on coming on here and discussing the upcoming 2016 presidential election, but more interesting matters have come into play. Josh Duggar to be exact.

It's been a tough year for the Duggar family. Josh's history of molestation surfaced, their TV show was cancelled, and to top it all off, it was just released that Josh Duggar had two Ashley Madison accounts. (Ashley Madison is a dating site but for people who are married/in committed relationships and are looking for some sort of affair.)

What a time to be a Duggar. Or not to be a Duggar. Or to be a conservative Christian with a bajillion children because, God forbid, birth control. But I digress. 

Back in May I actually wrote about Josh Duggar and his newly resurfaced past. I wrote about how it made me feel disappointed that Josh didn't use his past mistakes to be more open minded about other people's mistakes and differences. While he was fighting for family values (anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, etc.), he was simultaneously living with a mistake riddled past not to mention he was cheating on his wife as per this new release of information.

Today Josh released a new statement in regards to his Ashley Madison accounts. I was utterly surprised in quite possibly the best way. The statement starts off with, "I have been the biggest hypocrite ever," and it was as if he took the words right out of my mouth. I won't go into too much detail as to what he said as it's a quick read, but I honestly couldn't have said it much better myself.

I appreciate the fact that he has realized that while he was fighting against immoral values (or at least what he considers immoral) that he was being immoral himself. I know that I have made jokes in the past concerning these recent Duggar events, but after reading his statement I genuinely hope that he, his family, and his victims receive healing. 

We all make mistakes Josh Duggar. I thank you for owning up to them.
Have a a fabulous day.


  1. I used to enjoy 19 Kids and Counting when I was younger as well, and I have heard about the Josh Duggar scandal(s). It turns my stomach, to be honest.

    I see what you are saying, that everyone makes mistakes, but to be fair most people's mistakes don't involve child abuse... I definitely don't think someone should be despised and made out to be a monster if they have a history of this type of crime, BUT. Sometimes, I think that Christians are so desperate to forgive each other that they completely sweep the person's misdeeds under the carpet- and that isn't right either. It seems that as long as the person outwardly 'repents', then everything is a-okay. And so, Josh's wife probably won't leave him regardless of the fact that he cheated on her, because people will judge her much more harshly for that than they would judge Josh Duggar for, you know. Abusing his own sisters and having an affair.

    I really, REALLY hope that his apology was genuine as well, but unfortunately I never got to read it because it's been taken down now for some reason. It is such a troubling story, but I liked the way you addressed it in this post.
    Fionnula :)

    1. I totally see where you're coming from. When the news broke of him molesting his sisters and one other female, I felt exactly how you did. I felt like everyone would just forgive him easily and/or make excuses for him, and I didn't particularly care for his apology following that incident. It felt forced, like he only did it because he's in the public eye and he "had" to. I don't even recall him apologizing to his victims.

      When this scandal broke out I felt the same until I read his apology. It seemed much more sincere to me although the fact that it's been taken down does seem very fishy. I still certainly don't think what he did was okay by ANY means. I just hope that his wife finds the right path (although I agree with you as I highly doubt she will leave him but I hope/pray she makes the right decision), and I hope his victims find healing. I feel as if his parents kind of swept the molestation thing under the rug and made it out nonchalant to the sisters, but I hope they do realize what happened to them is not normal, is not okay, and it IS okay for them to feel resentful to their brother while they search for healing.

      Sorry for such a long reply (I ramble way too much haha), but thanks so much for stopping by! :)