Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New York City

Over spring break (nearly a month and a half ago but who's counting), I went to New York City on a school trip. It was the first time I had ever been to this beautiful place, and I'm already dying to go back.

I also forewarn that this post will be mostly pictures and few words. New York City tends to speak for itself anyways.

It was raining and she needed something to keep her dry (duh)

On our first day we did SO MUCH (although this seemed to be the general consensus every single day). We went to Ellis Island and saw the Statue of Liberty. It was somewhat disappointing at the Immigration Museum though as a lot of the artifacts had been moved to a safer facility and/or were being restored post Hurricane Sandy (which was over two years ago but I digress).

After almost leaving a kid on Ellis Island, we spent some time walking around NYC. We hit up Chinatown and just breathed everything in. Battery Park was fabulous, and we ate at this neat little sandwich shop.

We also toured Radio City Music Hall which I loved. I'm a bit obsessed with America's Got Talent, and the show takes place there (sans the auditions). On a weird note, Radio City Music Hall had fabulous bathrooms. I'm talking like there was a huge powder room full of mirrors (and you know how we girls love mirrors), and then there was the actual bathroom. Like I said, fabulous.

Once we finally crawled out of the bathroom to end all bathrooms, we made our way to the top of Rockefeller building. The view was cold and beautiful and I loved it.

I loved the whole damn trip to be honest. More on day 2 and 3 next week. (Hope you can wait.)

Have a fabulous day. 


  1. That sounds like an amazing trip! I love America's Got Talent (it's actually on TV right now, but my mom insists on watching her Filipino dramas first). The photo you took of Lady Liberty being shielded from the rain by the umbrella is a pure stroke of genius!

    xoxo Morning

    1. I'm glad someone else loves America's Got Talent and thank you! :)

  2. What a wonderful trip! NYC really does speak for itself. I just got back from vacation myself, and I have to admit good bathrooms in public places are the best. ;) I'm so used to the dirty ones in schools!
    ~ Sanjana