Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Life, Updated

As March rolls to a close I bring to you my life, updated. A few pictures and a few words is all I have the time for, but enjoy nonetheless.

just because I couldn't resist

I've realized my new favorite word is halcyon. It's an adjective denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful. I'm sentimental as they come, and this word describes a lot of my life.

It's strange because during the moment these times aren't always happy and peaceful, yet looking back from a new perspective that is exactly how I would describe them. 

Life is crazy. That's all I can say.

Calculus homework in a hammock is slightly more enjoyable than calculus homework not done in a hammock (or at least that's what studies show).

My meal that accompanied me through the series finale of Parks and Recreation a few weeks ago. Sad to think there will be no new episodes, but I suppose life moves on. This is the first show that I've loved that has come to a close, so it's a new feeling for me, but like I said, life moves on. 

(Also strange to think that I'm this emotionally attached to something as superficial as a TV show, and yet I'm not that ashamed.)

Also (don't hate me) but this is a sunrise not a sunset. Scandalous, it is.

I must also add that I'm leaving for New York this coming Monday. I say this because my blog posting has been spotty and I'm not sure if I'll post again until after my trip. This is my first time making the 10 hour trek from North Carolina to NYC and the word excited is an understatement. Expect great pictures and great stories.

Have a fabulous day. 


  1. Have fun in New York! Glad to here that everything is going great. I have thi sthing where I start TV shows after the finale airs-- I've been watching some episodes of Parks and Rec, and I love it! That waffle looks delicious, and calculus? I feel ya! :D

    xoxo Mornng

    1. Thanks you (and thanks for commenting)!! Have a great day! :)