Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated by Envy @ Picking Up the Pieces for the One Lovely Blog Award FIVEVER AGO (fivever is like forever except longer and a lot trendier—okay, okay I'll stop with the slang here sorry). The rules and what not are simple and short. No millions of questions to answer and a million more questions to write. It's my kind of blog award if we're being honest here. The rules are as follows.

1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Add 7 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers.
5. Follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven Facts:

1. I'm a really shitty writer (or a writer who is really shitty when it comes to finding time to write I should say). I sat down and worked on my novel for the first time in a month and half yesterday. I keep hearing this buzz about NaNoWriMo which is taking place this month, and I had full intentions of joining in on the fun, but alas the time is not there for me to do so.

2. Also I haven't posted anything in weeks. I'm just going with a generic "weeks" because I'm too scared to actually look back at the last date I posted something. I'm really behind on my Summer Book and Movie reviews because I simply keep forgetting to post them. I have most of them already written they just need to be proofread and published, but ironically I can't even find the time for that.

3. I was doing really good at this whole writing a post thing until I turned sideways to find my cat licking some random picture I have thrown on the ground. I guess I should start cleaning up. Or maybe my cat should stop licking inanimate objects.

4. I have a junior research paper due in the very near future that's constantly haunting me every waking moment because of my lack of headway in the paper writing department so far. My topic is the inequality of the working woman and I've already had a smart ass comment from another guy about the nonexistence of the discrimination and sexual harassment women face in the workplace. His exact words were, "Look around at all these female teachers who get to work with other male teachers. It's obvious we're kind of over the whole discriminating women thing." 

5. My life is slowly filling up with SAT dates and college induced anxiety. I still have another year to sort things out, but I can slowly feel scholarship deadlines and application essays creeping up on me. Junior year is hell and I never believed anyone who told me that it was going to be the hardest year of my high school career. It's weird to think that some day this time will pass and I'll laugh at myself for all my anxiety over calculus tests and whether I'm correctly using MLA format.

6. I'm DYING to read Amy Poehler's new book, Yes Please, but alas I am poor, and my library only buys new books once every six years (okay, slight exaggeration, but still). I love love love Amy Poehler (any Parks and Rec fans out there?) and I'm pretty sure I'm slowly killing myself every day that I go without reading her book.

7. I've opted out of nominating anyone and not because of lazy purposes (surprise). This award seems to be heavily circulating among my fellow bloggers, many of them people I would have planned to nominate. Most of them have been nominated very recently and it makes no sense to nominate them again. Of course if you're up for the challenge, by all means take this as a nomination.

Have a fabulous day.


  1. I loved reading your answers to this. I laughed out loud at number three. :D
    I've nominated you for a blog award! http://thesilverflute.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-blogger-recognition-award.html

    1. Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Also, thanks for the nomination! :D I must admit I'm notorious for getting nominated and forgetting to ever do the post, so please forgive me in advance if I forget, but thanks so much again!

  2. Yes Please has a beautiful cover- I want to read it o.o I've never heard of Amy Poehler, what kind of stuff does she write?

    1. She's actually an actress/comedian and if I'm not mistaken I'm pretty sure this is her first book (it's a memoir). She plays the main character on the TV show Parks and Recreation and she was a cast member for seven or so years on Saturday Night Live. Also if you've ever seen Mean Girls she plays Regina George's "cool mom" haha. If you're ever looking for a TV show to start watching I highly recommend Parks and Rec. The first season is a little iffy, but once you get through that it's great from there on out!

  3. You should post an excerpt from your research paper the next time you're stuck for a blog post! Also, I'd be interested to know how crazy these scholarships and application are- I've seen people bitching about them on various blogs, but I don't actually know what it involves :P

    Cool post :)

    1. I was actually thinking of posting an excerpt of my research paper on here or maybe splitting the whole paper up and doing a blog post series for a few weeks or so. Also I'm only about knee deep into the scholarship and application process and I'm planning on writing a post once I hit chin deep haha. It's weird because the whole thing has just begun and I'm already feeling the pressure. Soon enough though I'll have a post!