Monday, October 20, 2014

Teenager Blogger Central Birthday Tag

What seemed like ages ago I found this rad little site by the name of Teenage Blogger Central. It was created by F @ The Fence of Stars who is a great blogger in and of herself. Anywho, today marks two years since the site was created. I can't even emphasize how appreciative I am to this site which has helped grow my own blog readership, but also helped me connect with other teenagers who had the angst to blog like me.

Let's begin.

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(1). You are eligible for this tag if you are a registered member of Teenage Blogger Central.
(2). You should try to post this tag on the 20th of October (TBC's Anniversary), or as close as possible. It's never too late to participate, though!
(3). Add the Blog Party button at the start of your post.
(4). Answer the questions and link back to TBC. 
(5). Make sure you join the link-up (at the end of this post) so people can read your post!

1. What made you decide to take up blogging and what inspires you to write till today?

I remember a little over two years ago I found a handful of blogs in those random places of the internet. I read through them for months until I realized that I had the capability to make my own, hence Sunsets and Sundays was born. I keep writing because little did I know I would find this little gig so appealing and fun. There are few things in this world that I keep up with and continually strive to do even as the years pass and blogging is one of them.

2. How did you find and register on TBC? Did you find it helpful and worth recommending to others? 

Seven months or so into my blogging career I was really bewildered at the fact of how little other blogs I was able to find. Also the first seven months of my blog I'm pretty sure was spent talking to myself. I had virtually no followers and in a literal sense no comments. I remember googling "teenage bloggers" and TBC was one of the first things to pop up. I immediately joined and met a network of other bloggers from there on out. I would most certainly recommend anyone to sign up if they haven't already.

3. What awesome blogs have you found through TBC? Link them up! 

Oh dear this is somewhat difficult because I normally can't keep straight who I met through TBC and who I found via other blogs. Although the way I think of it, if I found someone via someone else's blog I probably found that person on TBC so in a roundabout way, I also found them from TBC ( that makes total sense I'm sure). But I digress. If I link you here and you've never been on TBC in your entire life, my apologizes.

I know I've met plenty more from TBC, but time is tight and homework is calling so this will have to do.

4. What do you like best about when you connect with other bloggers your age?   

I love the fact that most of us run small blogs and are able to truly connect with each other. I feel like a lot of other bloggers are missing out on the online friendships you can create with other bloggers if they weren't trying to reach 1,000 followers or some other fame driven goal. 

5. What do you hope to achieve through your blog?

I hope to improve my writing and connect with other kids my own age. Once I hit the millionaire status in ten years I'll eventually turn this into an autobiography, but until then it's just a blog. ; D

6. How do you say “Happy Birthday Teenage Blogger Central” in your language? 

I'm the boring one here whose first language is English. Happy Birthday Teenage Blogger Central will have to do.

Also before I sign off on this post I'd like to give a huge shout out to Envy and Catalina who got this shin dig together. They organized this awesome blog birthday party which was a fantastically awesome idea.

Have a fabulous birthday TBC!


  1. I did this tag too! :) Completely agree with the friendship point you made! <3
    By the way, I'm hosting a giveaway to celebrate my one year blogging anniversary (it's the same post as where you can read the tag)! All you need to do is be following me (which you are) and leave a comment! To join, click here !

    1. I loved reading your tag and I also entered in your giveaway! Congrats on the one year anniversary of your blog! :D

  2. Thanks for the super duper awesome mention xD AND YES I HAVE THE SAME PLANS FOR MY BLOG. Instant autobiography. How many biographies out there have you seen which are presented in the blog format? None! This idea would make millions xD

    1. I know!! We'll be even more rich and famous than we were before with this new autobiography format! :D